Session 4

Submit your order before June 6th 

Session 5

Submit your order before  June 13

Session 7

Submit your order by July 3rd
 After those deadlines you can still sign up through  Holland Hall, but your choices will be  limited to the items available ( T-shirts, scarves.  bandannas, etc)   Or, you can go to dharmatrading.com and order some items to bring on the first day of class.  Or, you can  find your own 100% cotton, linen or rayon, white or solid light colored clothing or fabric to dye.   And you can place an order here before your deadline (these items are included in camp fee) AND order some additional things from Dharmatrading.com;  or shop at your favorite store (as long as its cotton, rayon or linen) . If time allows, you can dye any additional items you purchase during the week  (limit 2 large or 4 small items).   
Call if you have questions (918) 625-2741

Your camp fee entitles you to $20 of dyeable items

Heres what you do:
1)  Scroll down & browse the photos below first. then choose your items from the lists with order numbers. Order from either list.  I've just tried to separate out

little kid items from junior and adult items

2)  Decide on 2 to 4 items that total $20 ( i.e. pick one $15 item and one $5, or two $10 items, etc)
3)  Complete the order form  by typing your choices or item number

4)  Click submit.  That's it! your items will be at camp when you get there.

Or if you prefer, you may call in your order  (918) 625-2741  

Or e mail your order to info@funkyfabrics.net 

 Deadline for online ordering is 13 days

before class starts

​ (see side bar if you've missed this deadline)

This page is for students who have enrolled in the Holland Hall summer program
 Crazy Clothes Batik Camps
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batik camps in

sessions 4 and 5.

They're for grades 1-4. We'll dye some fun stuff as well as do other fun artsy stuff.

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